Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring has sprung...or so they say

I finished the Colette Patterns Clover pants #1019 that I've been working on. It took 3 muslins of different sizes to get it right. But, once I found the right size, I didn't have to make any fit alterations. I made Version 1, which is the longer pant. The only "change' I made is that I did not include the pockets.

I wanted a floral print pant, so I found this fabric at G Street Fabrics. It's a stretch cotton.

But, since I wasn't sure how to wear something like this, I tried it on with some different style tops and shoes. I personally like the one above for very casual wear. Here are the other pictures.

The peplum and heels dresses it up a bit. Anyway, I think the pattern is great. I would make this again in a solid (and maybe a different type of floral). This is actually an easy pattern to put together and doesn't take long to make, by the way.


  1. Love them... The fabric is so pretty. My favorite look, is the one with the peplum top.. This is so pretty.. Happy sewing.

  2. Your Clovers fit very well and I love the look with the peplum top. This was a great idea to make in a print. Very nice.

  3. Is there a pattern for the peplum top? that looks GREAT on you.

    1. Yes. It's Vogue 8815. Here's the post I wrote about it.