Friday, February 15, 2013

Jalie 3130

I finished this shirt earlier this week. This is one of those things that I liked the minute I saw it, then I kept putting off making it. I think I was intimidated by the tracing that I would have to do. But, in all honesty, the tracing wasn't bad at all. And I am so happy I made this shirt. I used a linen blend shirting fabric. I made this in a size "W". I like the details of the shirt (the darts in front and back so it gives a more accented waistline, button details, etc). And I love the length of the shirt. It is so comfortable and not at all difficult to put together. I may want to make this again in a patterned material.

Now, I need to think about what I want to sew for Spring (even though we may have snow showers tonight).

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finished the blouse

This is Vogue 1323. I (finally) finished. It's not that the pattern is difficult, but it was, at least for me, more time consuming. Although I must say I spent more time on this than I had intended to. It's been a long time since I had made anything with a "slippery" feel to the fabric. This was just a basic polyester blouse fabric. But I did do quite a bit of hand basting since it was easier to control and would be easier to remove when necessary. This pattern is rated "Average" but for anyone who wonders if they should give it a try, I say go for it! I usually shy away from patterns with this rating, but I am more interested in challenging myself. Therefore, while I wouldn't use really expensive fabric for a first try, I would certainly give it a try. Some of the techniques in the pattern are things that I have not done before (French seams), but the instructions tell you how to do it and it's very easy to figure out. Believe me, if I can do this, anyone should be able to. And in all things, I firmly believe that even in "failure", you can learn a lot. I made this in a 14. That's down a size from what I would normally have made, but it fits very well without being too big. I did have some trouble getting a decent picture that shows some detail. But I like this pattern. At some point I may try the pants that come with it.