Monday, February 7, 2011

Finished McCall's 5927

I finished the dress I've been working on. While I was hoping to finish sooner, I've been quite busy with other things. The dress turned out fairly well. I based the size on the information in the instructions, so it's a 14 for C cup (there are different sizes for A/B, C, and D cups). The fit is good although I was skeptical at first (I usually make a 16). The material is a washable wool blend I bought at JoAnn's. The only thing I did have trouble with was trying to match the seams in the back. It wouldn't have been a problem if I had used a regular zipper, but I used an invisible zipper. Since the insertion techniques are different for the two types of zippers, I wasn't able to get those seams to come together evenly at the waist(I'm determined to figure out how to make it work). But anyway, every garment is an improvement over a previous garment, so "practice makes perfect" (or more practice makes you better). Happy sewing!